Trip Grading for cycling holidays

Some people appreciate shorter day trips between the hilly vineyards of Tuscany or along the Amalfi Coast. Others dream of cycling up the epic Tour de France climb Alpe d'Huez. And some want to ride across Iceland on a mountain bike. Our customers needs and abilities are different, and it is very important for us, that you choose a trip that suits you. Our trip grading system will help you to choose the perfect trip for you.

There are many factors that influence how demanding a bike ride is. In our grading of a trip, we have included a number of different parameters such as the number of cycling days, the distance you ride per day, route profile and how long and how strenuous the climbs are.

Most people in good health can join the cycling trips with the lower grading from 1-3. The cycling trips in the upper level, are more demanding and requires training. The better physical shape you are in, the more you will enjoy the trip.

On many of our cycling tours, we can deliver e-bikes.  These are supported by an electronic engine, which will make it possible to cross the terrain with a smile. If your leg gets tired, the electronic engine will support you, so you do not fall behind. It does not require any previous experience to ride an electric bike. As long as you keep the pedals going, the electric engine will assist you to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The engine is powered by a removable, rechargeable battery with a reach of 120-180 km per load. E-bikes come with the same equipment as the regular bikes. 

Grade 1
Suitable for cyclists who enjoy shorter distances in flat or gently rolling terrain. Ideal if you just want to explore the area by bicycle at a leisurely pace. On most itineraries it will be possible to shorten the trip distance, or skip a cycling day.

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Grade 2
For cyclists who like hilly terrain and a bit longer distances. You cycle on good roads, which usually don’t have much traffic. The distance is between 35 – 60 km or 20 – 38 miles. If you are capable of riding a bike and you have a normal good health, you should not worry to join these trips.

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Grade 3
Longer distances in hilly terrain, often with steep climbs. The distance is usually 65 – 80 km or 40 – 50 miles per day. Requires good shape and health. We highly recommend that you practice on some longer rides before you leave home.

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Grade 4
Recommended for experienced cyclists, who are use to do longer climbs and technical descents. You must do road cycling on a regular basis and be used to hours in the saddle. Good physical shape is a necessity and you should be up for a good challenge.

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Grade 5
Demanding cycling with long and strenuous rides. These tours will take you up the big Tour de France climbs Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux, Tourmalet and similar monsters! You will spend many hours in the saddle with steep climbs and long technical descents. We recommend that you have done 3.500-4.000 km on a road bike earlier in the season before joining these cycling trips.

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