Take the train on holiday in Europe

Connection, tranquillity and a true bonding experience

Travelling by train provides an experience where the tempo slows down and you have the opportunity to truly disconnect and enjoy the moment. Unlike fast-paced air travel, train travel allows you to enjoy the changing landscape and take time to experience the different colours, sounds and scents that enrich your journey. It's a time when you can meet interesting people on board and share quality time with your loved ones, something that often takes a back seat in our busy lives. It's possible to take the train to many different places in Europe. You can quickly and easily get to beautiful Germany, the romantic landscapes of Italy or the impressive Alps in Austria or Switzerland. The possibilities are endless.


Comfort combined with local experiences

For travellers who value space and comfort, the train is the obvious choice. In general, trains offer a more comfortable travelling experience with more legroom, roomy seats and panoramic windows that highlight the beauty of the journey. On international routes, you can often find charming restaurant cars serving delicious meals with stunning views as a backdrop. In addition, the generous luggage allowance on train journeys gives you a unique opportunity to bring home unique souvenirs and local specialities, adding an extra dimension to your travel experience.

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Choose green, choose the train

Travelling by train is not only comfortable, it's also a step towards a greener future. Compared to aircraft travel, trains have significantly lower CO₂ emissions and with advances in technology, more and more trains are now running on green energy, especially electricity. With a growing global awareness of the environment and sustainability, train travel has become a modern way to combine transport and sustainability. It's a way of travelling that allows you to slow down and enjoy the journey with a clear conscience.

Health and wellbeing

Train travel offers a more relaxed and stress-free experience, which can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing. Instead of the stressful security checks, long waits and crowds at airports, you can immediately begin your journey on a train. Plus, train travel allows you to move around freely, stretch your legs and even take a walk through the carriages. For many people, this kind of mobility and freedom while travelling can contribute to a more positive and enjoyable travel experience.

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Right into the heart of the destination

While planes often arrive at airports that are outside the city centre, trains take you directly to the heart of many cities and regions. This can mean easier access to hotels, restaurants and attractions, saving time and money on transport to and from your destination.

Prepare for the best train journey ever

Bring your favourite snacks

Nothing lifts the mood on a train journey like a bag of your favourite snacks or a healthy fruit snack. Having snacks on hand can turn any journey into a celebration. And if you're travelling with others, the idea of bringing shareable snacks will definitely make you popular and keep smiles on people's faces throughout the journey.

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Capture the moment and engage with your thoughts

While many people associate transport with stressful moments and being impatient, train travel is a unique opportunity for relaxation and tranquillity. Immerse yourself in the changing landscapes outside and give yourself time for reflection. Train journeys allow you to spend time with deeper thoughts that the hustle and bustle of everyday life may prevent you from doing.

Entertainment is a must

While the panoramic views on train journeys are often breathtaking, it's always a good idea to prepare some entertainment. Perhaps an exciting book, a fun card game or a laptop with your favourite movies. And if you're in the company of others, why not prepare some travelling games? It can be a great way to create fun memories and make time fly by.

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There are always other adventurous options with us

Even if train travel isn't for you, don't worry! We have a range of other adventures waiting for you. For example, how about a self-drive holiday where you control the route from the driver's seat? Or dive into our wide range of walking holidays in Europe's most spectacular landscapes. There's something for every taste and spirit of adventure!

Financially reasonable

Travelling by train can often prove to be more economical compared to other forms of transport, especially when you take into account any additional fees, such as airline baggage. When travelling by train, you can often take more luggage at no extra cost. You'll also avoid expensive transfers from airports to the city centre, as train stations are typically centrally located.


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