Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism and social responsibility is a part of our DNA in Mountain Adventures. It’s all about how we conduct business in an orderly fashion, and travel with care and respect for the environment and the people we visit. Our principles are rooted in common sense and is a natural part of our daily work.

In Bering Travel we want to contribute to a balanced economic, social and environmental development of the communities we visit. It is important for us that tourism is adapted to local conditions and we work continuously to develop our products in a way that provides the greatest degree of long-term economical benefit for the hosting communities, while maintaining or improving the environment.

We always use local suppliers and strive to create long-term relationships through collaboration and education. In this way, we can raise awareness of the sustainability of local partners, and through training help develop the skills of the local guides and other staff, for the benefit of the community and for our customers.

Specifically, this means;

  • We strive to ensure that the guides, porters and others who work with our customers are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.
  • We are dedicated to ensure that staff at the destination are proper insured and that local subcontractors complies local legislation.
  • We ensure that local people benefit from tourism by hiring them as guides, porters, cooks, drivers etc.
  • We eat at local restaurants and use family-run hotels and lodges, where possible.
  • We minimize the impact on the environment by traveling in small groups and reduce waste.
  • We encourage our guest to show respect and be friendly and open minded. A big smile gets you further than being demanding.
  • Ask for permission when photographing people and respect a “no”. Portraits of people who smile, are usually the best. You can make many new friends with a smile and a chat.
  • Dress appropriately and respect other people's religions and customs.
  • Turn off the light in your room when you go and save water and laundry.
  • Leave the environment in the same way you found it.

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