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Italy - Walking along the beautiful Amalfi Coast

Go on an 8 day walking holiday in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, which is one of Italy's most beautiful coastlines. Due to its location on the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, its majestic mountains that reaches up to 1,500 meters (4,920ft.), shelters the coast from cold northen winds. This gives the sunny coastline a fantastic climate all year round, which therefore makes it an ideal destination in both early spring and late autumn. The landscape here is very diverse, and you will therefore constantly be surrounded by beautiful landscape and spectacular views. The tour takes you through both coastal cities and small mountain villages on well maintained footpaths. You will walk through olive terraces and citrus groves, accompanied by the scent of herbs like rosemary and thyme that grows wildly along the paths. 

Highlights on this tour

  • 3 nights accommodation in the famous Amalfi 
  • 2 nights accommodation in the characteristic white town Praiano 
  • 2 nights accommodation in the small costal pearl of Positano
  • Fantastic hiking trails in the heart of the Amalfi Coast
  • Hiking on old well-maintained mule tracks  
  • Trails winding through olive- and citrus groves
  • Ravello, with its breathtaking views and the opportunity for visiting the amazing Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo
  • Sentiero degli Dei - The footpath of the Gods that winds along the mountain side 600 meters (1,970ft.) above the Mediterranean
  • Hiking past ancient ruins situated in stunning natural surroundings 
  • Luggage transport between hotels

Itinerary See all daysClose all days

Day 1 Arrival in Amalfi

When Arriving at the train station in Salerno, go outside the arrival hall and look for the SITA busses (Blue).  Remember to purchase the ticket at the tabaccio stand, before you board the bus, and remember to validate the ticket in the machine once on the bus. SITA buses run every half hour along the Amalfi Coast and stop in Cetara, Ravello, Amalfi, Positano, Positano and Sorrento. Bus tickets to Amalfi costs about 6 €.

After arrival and check-in at the hotel, it is possible to go for a little stroll around the charming center of the village, or maybe even take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea just to cool off after the journey.

Day 2 Torre Dello zirro and the vally of the water mills

Today's hike will give you a great insight into both the amazing cultural- and natural heritage the Amalfi Coast has to offer. The hike begins by taking you through the small alleys of Amalfi, and on an old flight of stairs, which leads you past beautiful limestone walls onwards to the small village of Pontone, situated above Amalfi. From here, a small path takes you out on a narrow ridge where the unique ruins of Torre Dello Zirro is located. The views here are magnificent overlooking the coastal towns of Amalfi on one side and Atrani on the other. These surroundings are ideal for a picnic lunch before the trails will take you back through the small mountain village of Pontone. A downhill walk through "Valle dei Mulini" - the vally of the water mills that stretches through the forest.

The Atmosphere through the vally is amazing with the gentle sound from the creek as it passes the ruins of Europes most ancient paper mills. When you once again reach Amalfi, you might want to visit the paper museum, which tells the story of the paper mills and their use. A story that dates back to the 11th. century.

Back in Amalfi there will be time to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea or enjoy an Italian gelatto on the beach.

IMPORTANT FOR 2022: A landslide has blocked the footpath in the Valle dei Mulini (‘Valley of the Mills’) above Amalfi, just beyond the agriturismo ‘Fore Porta’. Therefore the walk into the area is possible until this point, but you can not walk further into the Valle delle Ferriere.
However, there are several alternative routes to reach the Valle delle Ferriere, from ‘above’.

approx. 4½ hours
Day 3 Ravello and Villa Cimbrone

Begin the day by taking a local bus up to Ravello, one of the most exclusive towns on the Amalfi Coast. If you are in great shape, it is also a wonderful experience to walk the approximately 300 vertical meters (984ft.) up to the village. Most of that walking is done on paved steps, that quickly rises up from Amalfi at water level, and gives you incredible views on the way up. Ravello has for many years been a popular place for artists to visit, due to its location and breathtaking views. Villa Cimbrone is definitely worth a visit. The beautyful garden behind the villa itself is worth the visit, with its lushness and entirely flat grounds, that majestically takes you all the way out on the edge of the cliffs. Standing on the Terrace of infinity, will make it obvious why artist over several centureise have seached their inspiration in this place. The views over the Miditerranean are stunning.

Take your time to stroll through the village and maybe visit Villa Rufolo, which also offers great views and beautiful gardens. From Ravello you walk along the wine terraces and lemon groves down to Atrani. From here Amalfi is just down the road, and the last stretch offers beautiful views of the city from a new angle.

If you chose the bus up to Ravello, you will have time to stroll around Amalfi, or take a dip in the ocean.

approx. 4-5 hours
9.5km or 11.5km
Day 4 Walking from Amalfi via the

From Amalfi you will walk through one of the oldest trails on the Amalfi Coast "Maestra dei Villaggi" or "Highway of the villages". The old mule track, now covered with asphalt, dates back to the 9th century. On the way you will pass the small villages Lone and Vittica, before you reach the impressive Santa Rosa monastery. It is also possible to take a local bus to this point, if you want to avoid walking the 300 vertical meters(984ft.) From here the path continues to the charming little village of Conca Dei Marini, located on a ridge, and overlooking the shoreline on both sides. The walk continues down to the sea and passes charming churches, situated on the hillsides with tremedous views of the rocky coast.

The path takes you along the small fjord of Furore with its charming fishing villages, situated under masive limestone walls and. The final stretch goes through the forest to the village of white washed houses called Praiano.

If you are up for more walking we reccomend another short hike down to the small fishing port in Praiano called "Marina di Praia" - it is worth it!

4½ or 6 hours
10km or 13km
350m / 600m
Day 5 From Praiano past the limestone caves of Santa Barbara and Bomerano

Today you head up through the green Vally of Praia, which is gives the village of Praiano its name. First you will hike up through the small alleyways of Praiano, to the small church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, which from it front terrace offers sweeping views over the village. From here you head out of the village and into the green, hilly terrain where the wine terraces are clinging to the hillsides up through the valley. The path ascends over the next kilometer on alternately nature trails and carved staircases. The path goes up to the little church of Sant 'Alfonso, and continues to the limestone caves of Santa Barbara, that beautifully put contrast to the green surroundings with its golden touch. Just before the small mountain village Bomerano, the path swings to the left and you have now reached the entrance to the famous and unique Sentiero degli Dei (the Footpath of the Gods).

Don't cheat yourself from a short visit to the little town square in Bomorano, where there is plenty of opportunities to get a cappuccino or an ice cream, before beginning the extraordinary walk in the footsteps of the gods, with the path winding along the mountain slopes and runs all the way to Nochelle, just above costal village Positano. The views from the trail is indescribable as you walk on the steep mountain side, 600 meters (1.970ft.) above the deep blue ocean. After a good stretch on the footpath of the Gods, you decend to Praiano for one more night.

approx. 5 hours
Day 6 Sentiero degli Dei'- The footpath of the Gods - from Praiano to Nochelle and Positano

On this day the walk brings you back up to the amazing Sentiero degli Dei, to continue almost where you left off. The trail up there is another one, than the one taking you down yesterday, and it leads you past the beautiful small San Domenico Monastery. This monastery was abandoned for many years until the late 90s. At that time a group of Colombian monks asked for permission to stay there. They restored the buildings, grew a little wine and held religious services up until 2004, where they left the place as you find it today. The little terrace behind the monastery, overlooks the beautiful vally and coastline, and from here the trail continues up past some beautiful limestone formations before it brings you back onto to the Footpath of the Gods, only a few hundred meters from where you left off yesterday. The following stretch is fairly smooth and takes you all the way to the small mountain village Nochelle.

From here it is a short walk through Montepertuso, from where a long flight of stairs will take you down to the center of Positano. Located right on the oceanside, Positano is by many considered one of the most beautiful and atmospheric villages throughout Italy. Do yourself the favour to stroll through the narrow allys and along the paved path that winds around the small rocky cape, which separates one beach from the other. There are a number of great restaurants located right on the beach, who serves their dinners under the open sky.

approx. 4½ hours
Day 7 Hiking in the mountain landscape behind Positano

Take a local bus up to Montepertuso. From here you begin the scenic walk around in the upper valley of Positano. Following the original paths through the forest and along the impressive view points on the trail up to Santa Maria al Castello, an ancient fortress that separates the Amalfi side of the vally from the Sorrento side. From here there is a unique view point over the Mediterranean on both the Amalfi coast and down to the Gulf of Naples on the Sorrento side. Through a fine forest the trail brings you down through the beautiful terrain.

On the route there will be a possible detour for those who have extra energy, to climb the steep route up to Monte Sant 'Angelo - the highest peak on the peninsula. Whether you choose this or not, you will go on the same path through forest and scrub down to Montepertuso, An old mule track will take you the last stretch down to Positano.

approx. 5½ hours
Day 8 Departure

After check out from the hotel it is time for departure. From Positano it is possible to take either boat or bus to Sorrento, and from here, the train runs past Pompeii to Naples, where the fast trains runs to Rome. If you have time, Pompeii is an absolutely recommendable experience!

Alternatively, it is also possible to take the bus back to Salerno, from where the train runs from Naples and Rome.

Price includes

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  • Transportation to the destination
  • Local busses
  • Handling fee (20 euro)
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Tickets for any of the costal cruises from Positano can be purchased right on the waterfront, from the booths of the operating companies.


You will stay three nights in Amalfi, two nights in Praiano and two nights in Positano, all on nice tourist class hotels. Breakfast is included.

Charme upgrade
We have added charm hotels to this tour. If you choose this option, we will book rooms with sea view at the following hotels:
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Hotel Croce di Malfi***
Hotel Residence Amalfi****

Hotel La Perla*** 
Hotel Margherita****

Hotel Pupetto***
Hotel Villa delle Palme***

Food & Drink

Breakfast is included every day. It is easy to find lunch in the small villages before the walks and you will have plenty of choices for dinner in the many restaurants.

Luggage transfer

Luggage transfer is included on this tour. Upon arrival at the first hotel you will be given luggage tags along with the rest of the welcome package. You fill out the luggage tags and put them on your bags where they will remain for the duration of the tour.

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Luggage transfer includes one bag per guest and the bags can weigh 20kg each.

Trip grading

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It can be hard to plan your trip according to the weather, but to give an idea of the local climate, see data below:

Statistics for Amalfi as seen on www.yr.no

Climate Amalfi

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