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Our walking holidays in Norway guarantee an unforgettable and relaxing nature experience. You'll hike through the wild and beautiful landscape of Jotunheimen National Park - also known as "Home of the Giants". This nickname did not come out of nowhere and there are numerous legends and myths, about giants and trolls in this impressive Norwegian nature area. Joutunheimen covers an area of 3,500km² and has the highest mountain peaks in Norway - of which as many as 250 are higher than 1,900m. It's no surprise that Norway is full of great hiking routes.


Some information about Norway

Norway, like Denmark, is a kingdom bordered by Sweden, Finland and Russia. Although Norway is a much larger country than Denmark, there are no more than 5.5 million Norwegians. Thus, the population density is very low. The country is divided into five regions: Nord-Norge, Østlandet, Sørlandet, Vestlandet and Trøndelag. Hiking in Norway is great because the pristine nature and exceptionally beautiful landscapes are perfect for hikers who want to experience the wilderness in peace and quiet. Hiking routes come in all shapes and sizes, so everyone can join in.


Highlights of a hiking holiday in Norway

  • Be one with nature: on our walking holidays in Norway, you'll experience amazing moments where there's time to breathe and relax in the beautiful scenery
  • Cosy evenings by the fire in Gjendebu: In the middle of the mountains is the hut, where hikers from all over the world meet and share experiences and good ideas
  • Eat like a Viking: Many of Norway's local dishes can be traced back to Viking times. Be sure to try the smoked meat and dried fish.


Climate in Norway

Norway's climate is as varied as the country. The western coast is shaped by the Gulf Stream and has a mild and humid climate. It rains frequently in the western part of the country. It is not without reason that Bergen is known as one of the rainiest cities in Europe. It rains less in the northern and southern regions. We recommend hiking in Norway from June to August.


Vandreferie i Jotunheimen Norge

Norway - Walking in Jotunheimen, 8 days

Enjoy a fantastic individual hiking holiday in Jotunheimen, where you experience the Norwegian mountains up close and we transport your luggage.

(Self-guided walking holidays )

- Walking in the 'Home of the Giants' - Norway's most beautiful national park awaits you with incredible experiences and sights. As you hike across Scandinavia's highest mountain ra...

8 days - Trip Grading : 3-4

Suited for self-driveWalking holiday - Trip Grade 3Walking holiday - Trip Grade 4Loop tour (walking) - Start & end in the same place
Price from EUR 1.510,00
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