Active holidays in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Tanzania is worth a visit for hiking enthusiasts, mountaineers and nature lovers. Tanzania, and in particular the ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, is for people with a taste for great outdoor experiences and adventure travel. Kilimanjaro in particular is popular to climb and the mountain guarantees exciting and challenging experiences.

Tanzania offers trekking in beautiful surroundings with exotic animal and plant species. Kilimanjaro is climbed with stunning views and the goal of reaching the summit of Africa's highest mountain.

Tanzania offers many different adventures and exotic opportunities for tourists, including beautiful beaches, unique safaris, magnificent scenery and Africa's highest mountain Kilimanjaro. The country is located in East Africa with coastline bordering the Indian Ocean. Nature offers islands, nature reserves and not least mountains.

Holidays in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean, located 35 km east of Tanzania. The island measures 1651 km2 and is home to 621,000 inhabitants (2002). A fascinating history and colourful culture have given the island a very special reputation, reminiscent of "A Thousand and One Nights". The population is made up of immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The Arab influence is very evident in Zanzibar town, where the island's main attraction, Stone Town, with the Sultan's palace and a maze of narrow and winding streets, is a cultural and historical landmark which is today the subject of major international conservation efforts. Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautiful, white, palm-fringed beaches, along with the town and other historical sites, are the basis for a growing tourism industry. Although the island is densely populated and has few natural areas, there is still a small population of Zanzibar leopards, which play a major role especially in local culture and folklore.

Many exciting experiences await in Zanzibar. At Bering Rejser you can see a selection of trips to Zanzibar. If you have the courage to try your hand at the art of diving, Zanzibar offers rich opportunities. The coral reefs around Zanzibar are home to over 400 different types of reef fish, turtles, dolphins and much other wildlife. Humpback whales make occasional visits from July to October. The Indian Ocean around Zanzibar has an average temperature of 27 degrees and a visibility of between 10 - 40 metres, making the island ideal for experienced as well as novice divers. Everyone can join in.

If you love history and culture, you'll love Zanzibar. Zanzibar was under Arab rule from around the year 800. In the mid-1600s the island was conquered by the Portuguese, who were, however, driven out again by the Arabs in 1652. In 1828, Chief Mwinyi Mkuu signed a treaty recognising Oman as a colonial power, and around 1840 the Sultan of Oman made Zanzibar his capital. In 1861 the island became an independent sultanate. Its booming economy was based on the trade in slaves, ivory and cloves, but the sultan's power was gradually undermined, especially by the British. European pressure led to the formal abolition of the slave trade in 1873, and in 1890 Zanzibar became a British protectorate. The island became independent in 1963.

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Yoga Retreat på Zanzibar Bering Travel

Tanzania - Yoga Retreat in Zanzibar, 10 days

This tour takes you to Zanzibar where you will stay at a hotel in the village Paje. The hotel is placed very close to the beach and every day offers yoga-sessions taught by a skilled yoga-instructor. Zanzibar offers a thousand different impressions and it is the perfect place to calm down and relax. You do not need any knowledge about  yoga to join this tour.

PRICE INCLUDES SINGLE ROOM - If you want double rooms, please add a discount for this on the booking form. Come and experience the tranquility & serenity through Yoga in Zanzibar with pristine whit...

10 days

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