Mountaineering in Morocco

Morocco, with its breathtaking scenery and impressive mountain ranges, has long been a dream destination for adventurous travellers. One of the most iconic adventures Morocco has to offer is the ascent of Mount Toubkal. For those seeking the ultimate challenge and a deep connection to nature, this climb is an unrivalled experience. Bering Travel, a travel agency specialising in active holidays, offers a tailor-made mountaineering trip in Morocco, where a dedicated guide and an experienced chef are with you every step of the way.

Mount Toubkal is North Africa's highest mountain, with an impressive height of 4,167 metres above sea level. Its spectacular peaks and dramatic landscape are a magnet for mountaineers from all over the world. But climbing Toubkal is more than just a physical challenge - it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in Morocco's unique culture and beautiful nature.

When you book your mountaineering holiday with Bering Travel, you can expect a carefully planned trip that combines adventure, culture and comfort. Our tours include a professional guide who is an expert in mountaineering in the area. Our guides are not only experienced mountaineers, but they also have a deep understanding of Morocco's culture, history and nature. They will be your source of information, support and safety throughout the trip.

Another crucial part of our mountaineering experience is our chef. Our chefs are experienced in creating delicious meals in primitive conditions, and they'll make sure you get the necessary carbohydrates and nutrients to cope with the mountains. Enjoying tasty and nutritious meals amidst the impressive mountain scenery is a true luxury that sets our trips apart from others.

Your mountaineering journey begins in Marrakech, where you will be met by our team and transferred to the village of Imlil, which serves as the starting point of your trip. Here you will have the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and physically, and our guide will give you a detailed briefing on the route, safety precautions and cultural considerations.

During the tour itself, you will experience the magnificent landscape of the Atlas Mountains, cross deep valleys and reach the summit of Mount Toubkal. The views from the summit are simply breathtaking and there is a sense of triumph and connection with nature that only mountaineering can provide. Our guide will make sure you move safely and at your own pace, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to stop and take amazing photos along the way.

On your way down from the summit, a well-deserved break awaits, where our chef will prepare a sumptuous meal for you. It's a chance to reflect on your achievement and share experiences with your fellow travellers. Our tours also offer opportunities to interact with the local Berber population, visit traditional villages and learn more about Morocco's culture and history.

When you return to Marrakech, you will have a deep sense of fulfilment and an unforgettable experience of the mountains. Bering Travel is dedicated to giving you the ultimate mountaineering experience in Morocco, with our experienced guides and chefs taking care of every detail so you can concentrate on enjoying the adventure and creating memories to last a lifetime.

So if you're dreaming of climbing Mount Toubkal in Morocco with a dedicated guide and chef by your side, contact us today to plan your next big adventure. Bering Travel is ready to help you make your dream a reality.

Bering Travel is always available if you have any questions about mountaineering in Morocco.


Vandrebestigning af Mt. Toubkal i Marokko

Morocco - Climb Mount Toubkal ➤ North-Africas highest mountain

Trekking in the Atlas Mountains, and reach the summit of the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal (4.167 m) Stay in Berber villages and experience Marrakech.

The walking ascent of Mount Toubkal (4.167m) follows the old mule tracks through Berber villages and green valleys in the prettiest part of the Atlas mountains. The ascent to the summit of Mount Toukb...

8 days - Trip Grading : 3-4

Mountaineering in MoroccoTrekking in Morocco35 days free cancellationHiking in mountains - over 2000m
Price from EUR 590,00
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Bestigning af Mt. Toubkal den nye rute

Morocco - Climb Mount Toubkal ➤ The New Route

THE NEW ROUTE: This trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal  (4.167m) goes along the new route. You will go through different landscapes, other villages and the tour is a very authentic experience. You will not encounter many other tourists on this tour.

This trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal (4.167m) goes along a different route than the one we have used in the past. The trek takes you through a less "touristy" part of the Atlas Mountains and throu...

8 days - Trip Grading : 3-4

Mountaineering in MoroccoTrekking in Morocco35 days free cancellationHiking in mountains - over 2000m
Price from EUR 680,00
May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr

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