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Egypt is not only known for its majestic pyramids and ancient temple ruins, but also as a great destination for an active holiday filled with exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences. From snorkelling in the azure Red Sea to trekking in the endless dunes of the desert, Egypt offers a myriad of activities for adventurous travellers.


Scuba diving in the Red Sea

For diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, the Red Sea is a true paradise. The colourful corals, rich underwater world and incredible marine life make it one of the most amazing places for water sports in the world. Destinations like Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab offer ideal snorkelling and diving spots. Explore magical coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks and swim with a wide variety of colourful fish, sea turtles and even dolphins. Whether you're an experienced diver or a beginner, the crystal clear waters and spectacular underwater landscapes will enchant you.


Desert adventure in the Sahara

An active holiday in Egypt is not complete without a desert experience. The Sahara Desert, which stretches across much of Egypt, offers a unique opportunity to explore the beauty and mystery of the desert landscape. Take a camel or jeep safari through the desert and watch the sunrise or sunset over the giant sand dunes. A trip to Bahariya Oasis allows you to explore the ancient landscape, visit pharaonic tombs and explore the volcanic black mountains. In addition, the desert also offers opportunities for sandboarding, which is an exciting activity for adventurous travellers.


Nile Delta and Felucca Sailing

The Nile, Egypt's lifeline, offers the opportunity for a unique experience with a boat trip on a traditional felucca. These sailboats are one of the most authentic ways to explore the Nile Delta and experience the beauty of rural Egypt. Take a relaxing cruise along the river, watching the sun set over the horizon and admiring the traditional villages and lush green landscape. It's a great opportunity to get closer to local life along the Nile and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


Cultural Hiking and Cycling Tours

Egypt is rich in history and culture, and an active holiday offers the opportunity to explore the ancient sites and cities on foot or by bike. Take a walking tour of Luxor and explore the impressive Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, where the pharaohs were buried. Visit the temples of Karnak and Luxor to be enchanted by their majestic architecture and historical significance. Alternatively, cycle along the Nile and through the countryside of Aswan to experience authentic Egypt and its local lifestyle.


Climbing and Trekking in Sinai

For adventurous travellers looking to conquer new heights, the Sinai Peninsula offers challenging climbing and trekking opportunities. The majestic Mount Sinai, also known as Mount Moses, can be climbed at night to watch the magnificent sunrise from the top. Alternatively, you can trek through the Colored Canyon, where the colours of the rocks change to create stunning natural beauty. Sinai is also known for its unique desert village, Bedouin culture and magnificent starry skies.

Egypt is a destination that offers a wide range of activities and experiences for adventurous travellers. With its unique blend of culture, history and nature, Egypt is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories and experience exciting adventures in a land rich in treasures and mystery. So whether you're into underwater exploration, desert adventure or cultural discovery, an active holiday in Egypt is sure to meet your expectations and leave you with a deep understanding of this fascinating country.

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Eventyr og vandring langs Nilen

Egypt - Adventures and Walking along the Nile

This trip combines the best things in Egypt. You'll experience diving in the Red Sea, a Nile cruise with visits to the major sights and relaxation in Hurghada at a 5-star hotel.

(Adventure tours)

- An active tour of Egypt - You can't go to Egypt without being overwhelmed by its impressive history and on this trip, that's exactly what's on the agenda. You'll start by "landing...

8 days - Trip Grading : 1

Walking holiday - Trip Grade 1
Price from EUR 1.469,00
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Dykkerferie i Egypten, Hurghada

Egypt - Diving Adventure in Hurghada

Diving in the Red Sea is fantastic and every diver needs to experience it at least once. This is your chance! You will be staying at a 5-star resort by the beach, enjoy All Inclusive and a ton of dives.

(Adventures with diving)

Welcome to a fantastic diving holiday in Hurghada, Egypt - a true underwater paradise awaits you! Located along the crystal clear shores of the Red Sea, Hurghada is one of the world's most popular...

8 days

Diving in Egypt35 days free cancellation
Price from EUR 725,00
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Dykkerferie i Sharm el Sheikh og Dahab

Egypt - Diving Holiday in Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab

Diving in the Red Sea is fantastic and every diver needs to experience it at least once. This is your chance! You will be staying at a 4-star resort, enjoy All Inclusive and a ton of dives.

(Adventures with diving)

Welcome to two amazing diving destinations on the Red Sea coast - Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab! Here you can experience a diving holiday that will take your breath away and leave you with memories to las...

8 days

Diving in Egypt35 days free cancellationFamily holidays
Price from EUR 1.299,00
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May

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