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We love to innovate and find new and exciting places to travel to - and this year is no exception! We've added brand new destinations to our programme with England and Albania. We've also added new trips to existing destinations - such as a fantastic cycling holiday to the Chablis area in France or a hiking trip on the Dingle Way in Ireland, where you'll get miles in your legs and stunning views of the sea.

See a selection of some of our new holidays in the blog post here, and see all our new holidays by clicking here.

New walking holidays

Go on a fantastic walking holiday along the Albanian Riviera!

Every year, the Albanian Riviera attracts thousands of happy visitors, and it's easy to see why. With the 2000 metre high Ceuranian peaks at its back and the clear blue water, it's incredibly beautiful - especially when you lace up your hiking shoes and head up into the mountains.

Here you'll find stunning views of the coastline, hiking routes through citrus and olive groves and past idyllic old villages. Enjoy a swim in the sparkling, crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea and savour the many delicious dishes Albanian cuisine has to offer!

Go on an adventure in the Albanian Alps!

A hiking tour in the Albanian Alps is something special. On this tour you'll start at the lively city of Shkodra and you'll travel by bus through the Drin Gorges and sail across the fjord-like Lake Komani. Experience the highest peaks of the Cursed Mountains, crossing from one national park to another, visit the idyllic village of Nderlysaj and dive into the icy waters of the colourful oasis of the Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër) before ending the tour in the lively capital of Tirana.

The tour is a difficulty level 2-3, which means you need to be in reasonable shape to complete the tour. There may be uneven mountain trails, long hiking days and several metres of altitude gain - so a good shape and good hiking boots are essential.

Feel history up close along Hadrian's Wall in England

Hadrian's Wall is an impressive historical monument that stretches across the north of England. The wall was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD to mark and protect the northern border of the Roman Empire in England. Its main purpose was to prevent invasions from the Celtic tribes in what is now Scotland and to control trade and immigration.

The landscape around Hadrian's Wall is varied and beautiful. To the south there are hills and green landscapes, while to the north you'll encounter the more rugged and wild terrain that extends into the Scottish Highlands. This also means you'll experience a beautiful and varied landscape as you walk along Hadrian's Wall Path - the very first National Trail in England to follow the course of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Follow in the footsteps of English poets in the Lake District - England

The Lake District National Park was established back in 1951 to preserve the area's natural beauty and unique environment, and in 2017 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is also known for being the place where some of the great English writers and poets found inspiration. One of them was the poet William Wordsworth, whose 1802 poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' was inspired by the sight of daffodils on the banks of Ullswater - a poem whose meaning is still analysed today.

There are many ways to experience the Lake District, one of which is to walk the 112 kilometre Cumbria Way. Stretching from the town of Ulverston on the coast of Morecambe Bay to the town of Carlisle, closer to the border between England and Scotland, the route takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in the Lake District. The route is mainly along valley paths, avoiding the highest mountains and climbs.

Feel the wild nature on the Dingle Way in Ireland!

Have you ever heard of the Dingle Way in Ireland? The route follows the Dingle Peninsula around the Dingle Peninsula and offers some of the most stunning views of the sea. You'll also pass the famous Inch Beach, with its endless sandy beach and blue sea, which is a very special experience. Another highlight of the tour is the town of Dingle itself, which is filled with cosy pubs and beautiful, colourful houses.

Much of the walk is along the beach and sea, so if that's your thing, we'd highly recommend taking a look at this particular Dingle Way tour.

Come on a water holiday on the stunning islands of Tenerife and La Gomera!

You might know Tenerife for its beautiful beaches and great weather? But Tenerife is actually perfect for a walking holiday too! The landscape is very beautiful and varied - especially the Paisaje Lunar is a highlight of the trip! A very special lunar landscape created by strange and fragile rock formations that resemble tower spires.

The island of La Gomera is also a fantastic place to hike. Here you'll experience the unique laurel forest of El Cedro and beautiful hiking from the picturesque village of Las Hayas to Valle Gran Rey - where some of the hiking takes place along the iconic GR132 route.

Experience true beauty and romance on a walking holiday from Verona to Lake Garda!

Does it get any more romantic than young Romeo and Juliet falling in love against the backdrop of beautiful Verona? Verona is exactly where this tour starts, before taking you through beautiful Italian landscapes and finally ending at the stunning Lake Garda. You'll pass through the famous wine-producing region of Valpolicella, known for its fine wines and enchanting atmosphere. Here, nature reveals itself in spring with delicately blossoming cherry and peach orchards and in autumn with shiny vine leaves and juicy grapes.

The tour is a difficulty level 1, so most people can join in.

New cycling holidays

Discover the unique Zeeland on a cycling cruise - Netherlands

Fancy experiencing the 'land by the sea' on an incredible cycling cruise to the Netherlands? Zeeland is made up of a multitude of small islands and land areas connected by an impressive series of dams and dikes.

The area is also known for its fresh seafood, such as mussels, oysters and crayfish caught in the surrounding waters, so don't miss out on a trip to one of the many seafood restaurants in the area!

On the tour you'll also visit the Watersnoodmuesum, Zeeland's capital Middelburg and the impressive Gothic church and old town wall of Zierikzee.

Enjoy a great cycling holiday from Porto to Lisbon in Portugal!

Would you like to go on an amazing cycling holiday? Then we recommend you take a closer look at this tour, where you cycle from one beautiful city to another. Both Porto and Lisbon are two true cultural gems, and the road between the two cities is also something special. You'll cycle through lush nature on lovely coastal cycle paths and you'll see long sandy beaches, impressive cliffs and cosy towns along the way.

The tour is a difficulty level 3, so it requires a little extra fitness. However, it is of course also possible to hire an electric bike, which can help a little if your legs get tired. There are only a few steep sections.

Visit the famous Chablis wine region by bike

Would you like to go on a cycling holiday to fantastic France and visit the famous Chablis wine region? Then you should definitely take a look at this tour. You'll arrive in Auxerre - a short train journey from Paris - where you'll be greeted by a welcome meeting and a glass of wine. Then it's off on a tour of the beautiful region, which of course includes a wine tasting in Chablis. The landscape is open, rolling, lush and beautiful - dotted with small, cosy villages. Perfect for a long weekend away from it all. You can rent both regular bikes and e-bikes.

This tour is 4 days and 3 nights.


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