Travel diary from the Mosel River

About the trip in brief:

The walking holiday along the Moselle offers pleasant walks through woodland, open fields and vineyards. On all hiking days there are viewpoints with great views of the vineyards and the Moselle River.

The tour lasts 5 days including arrival and departure days - 3 hiking days in total.

Germany has something special to offer and I find that the tour has a lovely relaxed atmosphere with hospitable locals in all the small towns you stay in along the way. The Moselle hiking trails are busy, but the hiking routes don't feel crowded and you can walk long stretches without greeting other hikers.

The high season for the hike is autumn due to the wine harvest. We did the hike in spring and this time of year is also highly recommended. It was really green and lush.

The tour is great as a driving holiday, but is also easily accessible by plane if you fly into Luxembourg. From Luxembourg Airport, it's only half an hour by taxi to the first hotel in Perl. It's possible to take a bus, but my recommendation is to add a little extra to your travelling budget and take a taxi. A little tip is to call a German taxi both on arrival and departure, as taxis are cheaper in Germany than in Luxembourg. It cost 110 euros for us with a German taxi per way.

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Hiking day 1

After a good night in Perl, we started today's hike from Perl to Palzem. The route is the longest of the trip at 22.6 kilometres.

Perl is a cosy but very small town - so if you are considering an extra night before or after the hike, I would recommend an extra night in Trier after the hike, where there are several gastronomic and cultural offers.

The hike starts with some great views of the Moselle River. The first vantage point offers the Dreiländerblick with views of Germany, Luxembourg and France all at once.

The hike continues along forest paths and open fields.

The hike is not hard but long in kilometres and we took good breaks to get our legs used to the hike.

The day ends with a wine tasting at a family-run winery with the most delicious semi-dry white wines I've tasted in a long time. I had to buy several bottles for my suitcase back home.

Hiking day 2

Today's hike from Palzem to Nittel is 15.7 km and is characterised by hiking in vineyards along the Moselle River. We can't see the Model River during the entire hike, but it follows us on our left side and appears in beautiful views along the way.

Nittel is a small town but a small mecca of winemakers. We took advantage of this and dined at one of the several delicious wineries and restaurants in the evening. A small tip is to book a table in advance. It can be fully booked during busy periods.

Hiking day 3

The last hiking day from Nittel to Wasserliesch is 18.7 kilometres.

My legs were well and truly worn out, but today's hike did not disappoint. On the contrary, in my opinion, the last hiking day of the tour is by far the most beautiful, most varied and with the best viewpoints. It is also the hardest hike of the trip. We got our heart rate up on the first and last part of the route, where there are shorter periods of steep climbs and descents. It was great.

After arriving in Wasserliesch, we took the train to Trier - as described in the hiking programme. It was easy and only took about 15 minutes.

Trier was an experience. The hotel is very close to the pedestrianised area and all the must-see sights when visiting Trier are within walking distance. In the city maps available at the hotel, a tourist route is marked - and if you follow it, you will see all the old monuments, Karl Marx's house, the beautiful churches and the architecture in the city centre.

We didn't opt for an extra night in Trier, but had a late flight to Denmark on the day of departure, day 5. Therefore, we were able to see all the sights in 3-4 hours before departure. The city walk was a great end to a very nice trip.

You should take the Moselle river hike if you:

    Would like to go on a hike where you get some kilometres in your legs
    Enjoy hiking in a mixed terrain of lush forests, open fields and vineyards
    Enjoy travelling in Germany and want to hike in peaceful surroundings where you can greet other hikers and locals you meet along the way
    Want to hike in an area with plenty of opportunities for wine tasting of delicious white and rosé wines

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