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Italy - Walking in Cinque Terre, 1 week

Enjoy this one-week walking holiday in Cinque Terre, along the most dramatic coastline of Italy. Through vineyards and colorful fishing villages, visiting the historic towns of Levanto, Portovenere and the five small village gems that make up Cinque Terre. You will stay five nights at a charming hotel in the medieval town of Levanto and two nights in the bustling little port village Portovenere.

Cinque Terre takes its name from the five picturesque villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. For over a thousand years, there have been people living in this dramatic landscape, and by strenuous work, the farmers have cultivated the steep slopes leading down to the steep sea cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Today the area is a designated national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. An extensive network of old mule tracks and hiking trails, connects the many beautiful villages, and provides the base for one of the world's well known hiking areas. Liguria has a lot to offer. The charming coastal town of Levanto, with its beach, the azure colored sea and the small town of Portovenere, which is guarding the entrance to the gulf of Poets.

This is a relatively easy walk which is suitable for those who have experience with walking/hiking, and who have general good physics. The daily walks are 5-6 hours. Most of the routes follows well marked paths and trails, and many of them have recently been restored by the local authorities. Some places it is necesarry to to follow the given map and route directions. 

Highlights on this tour

  • You stay at a 3-star tourist class hotel in the market town of Levanto 
  • Discover the Cinque Terre and the five fantastic colorful villages 
  • Hiking along the Ligurian dramatic coastline of the Riviera de Lavante 
  • Amazing views of the azure blue Mediterranean sea and on clear days the Corsican mountains on the horizon
  • Great train rides along the coast to Riomaggiore 
  • Stay in Portovenere and walk to Vernazza and Madonna the Reggio 



Great things about this tour

Lovely Levanto

On this trip you will stay five nights in the lovely town of Levanto. The town is just outside the Cinque Terre National Park and from here there are perfect train connections into the Five Towns. Levanto has a lovely beach and a pleasant town centre with several good restaurants.

Beautiful Portovenere

The last two nights of the tour is spent in Portovenere, an incredibly beautiful town right on the water. Like the Five Towns, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also a lot of different restaurants to choose from.

Photo gallery from this tour

Here you can see the stunning scenery and some of the views that come with a hike in Cinque Terre.

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Itinerary See all daysClose all days

Day 1 Arriving in Levanto

Arrival in Levanto. After settling into your hotel, there's time for a short visit to the town centre and perhaps a swim to wash away the fatigue of your journey. If you're arriving in the morning, you can take the relatively short walk to Monterosso now.

Hotel (example): Hotel Nuovo Garden***

Day 2 Walk from Levanto along the Cape of Punta Mesco

The first day of walking will take you down the coast to Monterosso al Mare. The first part of the trails are leading up to the remarkable promontory Punta Mesco. To the east there are views of the rugged coastline of Cinque Terre and to the west you will get a view of Levanto. This is a good place to stop for a picnic lunch. Shortly after Punta Mesco, you can make a small detour to the ruins of an ancient hermitage, from the 11th century. Upon that you will follow a fairly steep path down into Monterosso, a colorful village, with blue, red and yellow houses that cling on to the rocks. There is plenty of time to explore the city before heading back to Levanto. For those who wish, it is also possible to go back to Levanto via an alternative route over the mountains. This route ends up behind the old castle in Levanto.

Walking time: 3 hours
Distance: approx. 5km
+350 / -350

Hotel (example): Hotel Nuovo Garden***

Day 3 Walk to Framura, Moneglia and Sestri Levante

Today you walk from Levanto in a western direction. The first part goes on the ride along the beach, then the trails goes up into the hills and then down to the small coastal town of Bonassola. A coastal trail continues to Framura, where a number of small villages have grown together in the hilly landscape. From the upper village of Costa the path continues horizontally on green hillsides along the coast, with breathtaking views of the sea. A steep descent brings you down to Deiva Marina. From here it is possible to continue to Moneglia. This coastal walk takes you through several charming little villages where you will have time to drink a cup of coffee or just relax. There are also good opportunities to have lunch. you can go as far as you like, as it is possible from most of the villages to jump on the train back to Levanto.

Walking time: 5½ hours
Distance: approx. 16km
+700 / -700

Hotel (example): Hotel Nuovo Garden***

Day 4 By train to Riomaggiore and hike to Vernazza

After breakfast you take the train to Riomaggiore, the most southern of the five villages. Here you start today's walk to Manarola, an attractive village with multi-colored houses, winding its way up the cliff sides, overlooking the natural rocky harbor. From Manarola the path goes up through the wine terraces towards Corniglia, which is nicely perched on a ridge overlooking the sea. From here the trail passes through vineyards and citrus groves. When you approach the village of Vernazza which and its old fortress, you will experience some of the most incredible views in the entire region. The path winds around the hillsides, until a fairly steep descent brings you into Vernazza, which is the most beautiful of all the villages on the coast. You must not spare yourself the experience to climb up the castle tower, which offers a magnificent view of the harbor with its many beautiful and colorful boats. There are many charming cafes where you can enjoy a drink or a nice lunch before going back to Levanto.

Walking time: 5-6 hours
Distance: approx. 15km
+450 / -450

Hotel (example): Hotel Nuovo Garden***

Day 5 Walk into the back country to Madonna di Reggio

Today's hike takes you into the back country, of the central Cinque Terre, to the churches of Madonna di Reggio and Madonna di Saviore. You take the first train to Vernazza and then walk along the beach to Monterosso. After a good coffee break, begin the ascent to the sanctuary, Madonna di Saviore. This is a great spot to relax and have lunch before continuing to the next sanctuary, Madonna di Reggio. From here the path passes through the hills, to the little church of San Bernardo. The view of the coast from here is indescribable and the walk is pleasant. Eventually the trail descends to the coast and Vernazza, where you catch the train back to Riomaggiore. It is possible to shorten the trip by going directly from Madonna di Reggio, along a series of small chapels, down to Vernazza.

Walking time: 4½ hours
Distance: approx. 9km
+550 / -550

Hotel (example): Hotel Nuovo Garden***

Day 6 Walk from Riomaggiore to Portovenere

From Riomaggiore the path takes you in an eastern direction to Campiglia and Portovenere. You walk up a long flight of stairs to the Santuario della Madonna di Montenero. After the ascent the trail continues horizontal along the coastal cliffs and through beautiful vineyards. The dramatic coastline is perfectly framed by the clear azure blue waters. You are now at the Sentiero Rosso ridge that travels from one end of the Cinque Terre to the other. When passing through the small village of Campiglia, it is possible to stop for refreshments. From Campiglia you will hike down through the pine forest to Portovenere. Again, the views here are spectacular when passing by the fine old castle, from the 16th century, that lies above the Portovenere. From here you can see the distant peaks of the Alpi Apuane mountains. A wide staircase leads you into the heart of the village, and here there is time to explore the charming village and Punta San Pietro, before you check in to your hotel.

Walking time: 5½ hours
Distance: approx. 13km
+650 / -650

Hotel (example): Hotel Paradiso

Day 7 Circular walk on the island of Palmaria (or rest)

After yesterday's long walk, today you have some time to recover. There's a beautiful, easy walk across the island of Palmaria, just across the bay from Portovenere. By boat you make the short crossing, and then you have all day to experience the beauty of this very Mediterranean island, shrouded in the dense vegetation, overlooking the cliffs with only the seagulls and azure sky above you. Take time to explore the impressive fortresses and perhaps take a swim on one of the secluded beaches. When you return by boat to the mainland, you'll still have time to visit the charming village of Portovenere itself and choose a restaurant for your last dinner in Venus' Harbour.

Walking time: 3 hours
Distance: approx. 5-6km
+300 / -300

Hotel (example): Hotel Paradiso

Day 8 Departure

After breakfast it is time to pack your luggage and check-out of the hotel.

Price includes

Not included
  • Transportation to and from the destination
  • Local train tickets (about 2-3 € per. ticket) and boat tickets from Punta San Pietro to Riomaggiore (about 10 € per. ticket)
  • Handling fee (€20)
  • Tourist tax (if due)
EUR 1,025.00

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Which airport
Pisa is the nearest and most accessible airport for Levanto. Check www.pisa-airport.com for the direct flight options that suit you the best. Alternatively you can fly to/from Milan, but train transportation is a little longer to Levanto from there.
The tour from Pisa to Levanto and back from Riomaggiore to Pisa, is most easily done by train. On www.trenitalia.com it is easy to get an overview of times and destinations on the Italian trains (Pisa/Levanto takes about 1.5 hours, Milan/Levanto takes about 3 hours) but since it is difficult to purchase or change tickets online, we recommend that you buy them directly from the ticket machines at the train station.

Local Transportation
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On days when the boatcruise between Portovenere and Riomaggiore is not operating, it is possible to take the local bus back. For more info on this in your walking descriptions for the respective day.


You will stay five nights in Levanto at a 3-star hotel and two nights in Portovenere in a 3-star hotel. Breakfast is included in both hotels.

Luggage transfer

Luggage transfer is included on this tour. Upon arrival at the first hotel you will be given luggage tags along with the rest of the welcome package. You fill out the luggage tags and put them on your bags where they will remain for the duration of the tour.

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Luggage transfer includes one bag per guest and the bags can weigh 20kg each.

Trip grading

This tour has difficulty grade 2.

Grade 2
Easier walking at reasonable good paths. The walking time will be 4-6 hours usually in hilly terrain. Every one in good health and a normal physical fitness can participate. Luggage is mostly transported and you only go with a lighter backpack. Requires good footwear such as trekking shoes or hiking boots.

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It can be hard to plan your trip according to the weather, but to give an idea of the local climate of Levanto, see data below:

Hiking in Cinque Terre Temperatures

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