Cycling holiday in Greece

Traditionally, Greece is considered one of the world's most popular destinations for beach holidays and the ruins of antiquity. In recent years, however, Greece has quietly become better known as an excellent destination for active holidays - including cycling holidays, where there is so much to offer.

Perhaps the reason why Greece has so far been under the radar when it comes to cycling holidays is that the bicycle is not used very often in Greece, which is blessed with countless small islands and endless stretches of coastline. Scooters and cars have been the most used means of transport. That said, Greece has some excellent conditions for cycling holidays, with good roads and sights worth riding to. Compared to other European countries, car traffic is quite low and cyclists can therefore ride safely on the roads. This could perhaps be due to the fact that the population density in Greece is not high. The climate in Greece is Mediterranean, with rare rainfall in summer and concentrated in the mild and humid winter months.

Cycling holiday between ancient ruins, modern architecture and a picturesque landscape

Although Greece borders the Mediterranean, most of the country is characterised by a hilly landscape - in fact, three quarters of Greece is considered mountainous terrain with very few large plains. For this reason, it's quite impossible to avoid climbs and descents even though we try to plan the routes to minimise them as much as possible by, for example, starting the stages high so that you can trundle down the valleys easily. During the rides you will experience the varied routes with the beautiful Greek nature as a backdrop. The routes go past vineyards, orchards and through olive groves. Along the way you will see old monasteries and ancient monuments. Discover our Ionian Islands cycling holiday, cycling from island to island.

Perfect service on your cycling holiday in Greece

We have years of experience with Greece and both we and our local partners will offer you a cycling holiday in Greece that is relaxing, de-stressing and where everything glides easily. We ensure this by taking care of all the practicalities, such as luggage transport, hotel reservations and itineraries, leaving you free to focus on the fun.

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Cykelferie i Grækenland

Greece - Island-hopping in the Ionian Islands

A unique cycling-tour in the Ionian Islands in Greece. You will experience beautiful nature, lovely beaches, charming villages, and family-run hotels.


8 days - Trip Grading : 2-3

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