South Amercia

Beatrice Pelissier


Beatrice (Beeyogi) is a certified yoga-instructor from the Satyananda Ashram in Rikkiapeeth, India. She started doing yoga more than 10 years ago as a way of handling a very stressful workday. She worked as a project manager in the IT-industry and every day was filled with endless meetings, organisation of different things, and short deadlines. In short, she had a lifestyle which was tough on body and mind. Yoga became her escape and it taught her to relax and unwind by doing Asthanga-yoga. Since then, yoga has had a central role in her life and she is now focused on travelling the world and showing her discoveries to others. She has taught in Nepal, Greece, France, and Thailand and she can teach anyone, regardless of their previous experience with yoga. There are many benefits to doing yoga. What Beatrice loves the most is that yoga is available to everyone regardless of lifestyle. Her classes are always dynamic and all poses are adjustet to suit the individual. Beatrice graduated from the Health University of Lille (France) in Yogic Education and studies. She is also certified from the Bihar School (Satyananda) in India Languages: French, English

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