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Here are our trips to Portugal

Portugal is a small country with many facets. This applies to both to the climate and the terrain. This is mainly due to Portugal's geographical location. Portugal occupies the southwestern Iberian Peninsula as well as the Azores and Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean.

The landscape is predominantly lowland. Only approx. 12 per cent of the country is located at altitudes above 700 meters above sea level. The Tejo River divides the land into a northern, mountainous part and a southern with mostly gently undulating terrain. The mountains lie mainly along the border towards Spain. The height of the mountains is generally falling from north to south and from east to west. The highest mountain on mainland Portugal is Torre da Estrela, which measures 1993 meters and is part of the Serra da Estrela mountain range.

Portugal offers many different travel experiences. Here on the page you can see just a small section of these. Portugal is rising in tourism. In 2005, almost 24 million tourists visited this country. Diving and surfing are some of the favorites when it comes to outdoor activities. With Bering Travel you can book trips of both long and short duration. This way you can tailor the most suitable journey to Portugal and take into account the country's climate at different times of the year.

The climate in Portugal varies greatly considering the size of the country. These variations are in part due to the height differences and the location between the cool Atlantic and the Iberian Peninsula's continental climate. Generally, the northwestern part of the country has a temperate climate, the southern a sub-tropical climate, while the inner eastern regions often have a continental-influenced climate with marked fluctuations between winter and summer temperatures. In Lisbon, the average temperature in January is 11°C and in July 22°C. The annual rainfall here is approx. 700 mm, but is higher in the north, where it is approx. 1150 mm in Porto, and lower in the south, where in Sagres by Cape São Vicente, the rainfall measures approx. measures 415 mm.

Last but not least, you will soon find out that the Portuguese are great hosts. A study "Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013" from the World Economic Forum also places Portugal on a solid 7th place over the world's most accommodating people.

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