Here is a list of the kitesurfing-tours offered by Bering Travel. All tours can be done by beginners and experienced kitesurfers alike and there are several versions of most tours. Kitesurfing is a rapidly growing sport and with good reason. It may look difficult to kitesurfing but it is actually relatively simple and most people should be able to learn it and have fun with kitesurfing. Most people need at least one week to get on the board, but some people require around two weeks before they are able to kitesurf on their own.

We are constantly looking for new kitesurfing-destinations so even if you do not find the perfect tour for you at this very moment it is always a good idea to check back with us after a few weeks. All our kitesurfing tours can be tailor made to suit individual needs.

Our experts are always available if you want to know more about kitesurfing.


Kitesurfing is a rapidly growing sport. At Bering Travel we always have a wide selection of kitesurfing-tours for you to choose from.

Spain - Kitesurfing in Fuerteventura, 1 week

This tour takes you to Fuerteventura where you will enjoy the sun and the beach while kitesurfing as much as possible. Fuerteventura has the sun, the sand, the water and the wind - and we have the instructors who can teach you how to kitesurf.


8 days

Kitesurfing in SpainKitesurfing in FuerteventuraSuitable solo tours
Price from EUR 475,00
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

Portugal - Kitesurf Camp in the Algarve, 1 week

The Algarve is a fantastic place to be and a great place to kitesurf. You will find exactly what you need regardless if you are a beginner or intermediate kitesurfer. This tour is only available when our kitesurfing camp in the Algarve is closed.

The Nortada wind and the huge lagoon are the two main elements, which make Lagos an excellent choice for a kitesurf holiday. Regardless if you are a complete beginner or an experienced kitesurfer you ...

8 days

Kitesurfing in PortugalSuitable solo tours
Price from EUR 655,00
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

Portugal - Luxury Kitesurfing in the Algarve, 1 week

This kitesurfing holiday is for people who want a little luxury and at the same time kitesurf as much as possible.


8 days

Kitesurfing in Portugal
Price from EUR 320,00
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

Egypt - Kitesurfing in Soma Bay, 1 week

This is a one-week kitesurfing holiday in Soma Bay, Egypt. The tour includes a great hotel, half board, a kitesurfing course for beginners, and two days kitesurfing equipment rental, so that you can practice after the course.

This kitesurf holiday starts with a 4-day kitesurfing course for beginners followed by 2 days kitesurfing equipment rental. The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge is the first ever watersports-hotel in ...

8 days

Diving in Egypt
Price from EUR 760,00
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar

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