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Sweden - Hiking the King's Trail

The northern part of the King's Trail is probably the most famous part of the King's Trail. The landscape changes constantly as you move through the valley surrounded by high mountains. This is one of the classic tours for those who want a big mountain experience without a fair fitness level. The tour is recommended for hikers with medium experience with hiking.

Hiking needs to be easy, safe and fun! Experience one of the world's most famous hiking at your own pace.

The longest stretch between the mountain huts is 20 km. To get the most out of your hike, you should have some experience from hiking and be in good physical shape. You will carry food for a maximum of 2 days and the weight of your backpack will thus be 1-2 kg heavier than when you leave home.

Highlights on the King's Trail

  • Easily accessible wilderness hiking along Sweden's most beautiful path the King's Trail 
  • Abisko National Park's lush birch forests and rushing rivers
  • Experience the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle in high summer
  • Sweeping views of a colorful mountain landscape with deep valleys and high mountains
  • Easy hikes between staffed cabins
  • Hiking with a relatively light backpack
  • Information meeting with local mountain guide
  • Possibility to climb Sweden's highest mountain Kebnekaise
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Day 1 Arrival Abisko (380 m asl)
Arrival at Abisko Mountain Lodge during the afternoon.
At 18.00 o'clock there is an information meeting with an experienced mountain guide who will give you updated information on the hiking route. You will also receive your vouchers, maps and other information that is included in the package. The guide will of course answer any questions you may have and give good advice on the hike.
Dinner is served in the restaurant at Abisko Mountain Lodge.
Accommodation is with other hikers in four-bedded rooms at the hostel. (D)
Day 2 Abisko - Abiskojaure (490 m asl)
Walking time: 5 hours (15 km) +150m.

After breakfast your hiking adventure starts. The first part of the King's Trail brings you along good paths through birch forests of Abisko National Park and along the Abisko River. Part of the route goes along boardwalks over wetlands. Along the way are meditation places marked with a stone engraved with philosophical quotes. In the undergrowth of the forest are various berries and small flowers. You ascent about 100 vertical meters up to Lake Abisko where the first cabin is located at about 500 meters altitude. A visit to the sauna will soften up your body after the first walking day, and there is also the opportunity to swim in the lake.
Here in the first cabin you can buy today's dinner as well as breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. (B)
Day 3 Abiskojaure - Alesjaure (780 m asl)
Walking time: 8-10 hours (20 km) +330 m /-40m.

The second stage of the hike is the longest on the entire trip and start out with an ascent to the next valley.
The Alesjaure cabins are surrounded by high mountains but will appears long before you arrive. Alesjaure is a congregation point for wilderness hikers who will arrive from all directions. The cabins are located on a cliff 20 meters above the lake.
Late afternoon water will be heated for hot showers and views can be enjoyed through the window from inside the sauna. 
Remember to buy food two days since there is no store in the hut tomorrow.
Day 4 Alesjaure - Tjäkta (1000 m asl)
Walking time: 5 hours (13 km) +220m

Today's distance is not as long as yesterday, and relatively easy. You walk alongside the river delta, where there are lots of birdlife. Here you will find low scrub and rocks of quartzite. You will pass another meditation place before you cross the river Bossusjohka and the path will circle the mountain Bossosvaras. You cross the meadows and grassy moorland with mountains on all sides except to the North, where you come from. You cross a gorge via a bridge and are now at Tjäkta cabin. Due to the relatively short trekking day you will have plenty of time to enjoy the view over the valley and the surrounding mountains.
Day 5 Tjäkta - Salka (835 m asl)
Walking time: 4 hours (12 km) +150m /  -300m 
You climb the last 150 meters to the highest point of Kungsleden; Tjäkta pass at 1140 meters altitude. The path crosses a desolate flat plateau surrounded by mountains. There is often snow here in early summer. After the sweaty climb you can take a break here, and if it is windy, you can seek shelter here and enjoy the surroundings. On the other side of the pass it opens up with a breathtaking view. The descent is a bit steep, and on the way down towards the bottom of the valley another meditation place is passed. You may wish to rest your thigh muscles here. The rest of the trip over the mountain heath and moraine is reasonable easy. Suddenly the Salka cabin comes into sight behind a high ridge. Once again there is the opportunity to get into the sauna.
In Salka cottage, be sure to stock up for the next two days.
Day 6 Salka - Singi (720 m asl)
Walking time: 5 hours (12km) -100m 
An easy day hike takes you through Tjäkta Valley to Singi cabins. Throughout the day there are beautiful views both along and across the route. You can see the mountain Rusjka and the formations The Pyramid and Dragon's Back which is part of the massif with the Rabot Glacier, named after the Frenchman Charles Rabot, who was the first on the top of Sweden's highest mountain Kebnekaise. Shortly before you arrive at Singi hut along the stony path you will see Kebnekaise with its snowcapped South Summit.
Day 7 Singi - Kebnekaise Mountain Station (690 m asl)
Walking time: 6-7 hours (14 km) +120m / - 150 m
Today you leave the actual Kungsleden to walk towards Nikkaluokta to the East. The whole day from morning to evening you go through a dramatic landscape, and you are surrounded by steep mountains, high peaks and glaciers. The valley first becomes narrower but then opens up into a broad plateau just before the Kebnekaise Mountain Station, which is located behind a small hill with a radio mast. The last section is again below the tree line, and the path goes among birch trees. It's a fairly big mountain station with nearly 200 beds in two- and four-bed rooms, and there is a well stocked shop. (D)

Extra day: Climb Sweden's highest mountain Kebnekaise

In July and August it is possible to add an extra day into the itinerary with a climb of Kebnekaises glacier-clad South Summit at 2,106 meters. In June, there is usually still a number of snow and therefore an ascent is not possible. The exact height of the mountain varies slightly depending on the glacier melt. It is a long and hard 10 hour hike along the Eastern trail, which is a beautiful and varied route. From the summit the views are awesome, and you can see almost 10% of Sweden.
This must be booked from home.


Day 8 Kebnekaise - Ladtjojaure - Nikkaluokta (470 m asl)
Walking time: 3-4 hours + boat trip (19 km, including 7 km by boat) -220m 

After breakfast you will first cross a bridge over the river Darfaljohka. It then goes steadily downhill. Shortly after the last meditation place you will go along the Delta down to Ladtjojaure-boat berthing place. The boat trip across the lake saves you 7 kilometers of walking.
You will hike the last bit through the forest to Nikkaluokta. Here is an opportunity to get something to eat in a local restaurant, if you did not bring lunch from Kebnekaise.
From Nikkaluokta there are regular buses back to Kiruna. (B)

Price includes

Not included
  • Transportation to/from Sweden
  • Cancellation and travel insurance.
  • Ascent of Kebnekaise
EUR 679.00

Practical info

General information

On this tour you are on your own without a guide. We have booked your accommodation (the first and last with half-board) and you will receive information about the route, maps and other practical things. We recommend that you are at least 2 people together, when you go into the wilderness.

Dates of departure:

The season is from June to September.

Note that there are a limited number of available spots on each date. Please note that during early summer there can still be a lot of snow on the trail.


Note that the journey to/from Kiruna, Sweden is NOT included in the tour package, and that you have to make sure to book your own flight. This is easily done online. It is your responsibility to ensure that the flight schedule fits start and end dates of your trip. We recommend that you book the trip with us before you buy your plane tickets.

Transport from Kiruna to Abisko and return from Nikkaluokta to Kiruna:

From Kiruna Airport to Abisko Mountain Lodge, it is possible to take bus 91 in the direction of Narvik, Norway. It takes approximately 1½ hours and the fare is about 200 SEK. 

From Nikkaluokta to Kiruna take bus line 92. It takes just over 1 hour and costs about 150 SEK. See timetable at

It is also possible to take the train from Kiruna Station to Abisko. It's a bit cheaper. See more on


In Abisko you will stay in the multi-bedded dorm rooms at the hostel.

The cabins along the King's Trail vary in size but generally consists of several cabins with accommodations, common areas and kitchen. It is a small community where everyone helps. There is no electricity or running water, so to get fresh water you need to go to the nearby river or lake, and get firewood for the stove. The staff will assign you a bunk bed and give instructions for using the facilities. There are between 20 and 78 beds in multi-bed rooms. The beds have mattresses, pillows and blankets. Bring linen (silk is lightweight).

You will always be guarantied a mattress to sleep on, but in certain circumstances it might be put on the floor and not in a bed - This rarely happens, but when it does it will typically be in the Tjätka cabin, as this is the smallest.

In Abiskojaure, Alesjaure and Salka use of sauna is included

Food and beverage

In Abisko and Kebnekaise Mountain Station dinner and breakfast are included.

Along the King's Trail you can buy groceries and cook your own meals in kitchens. The kitchen include gas burners, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. The itinerary will tell you which cabins have a small shop where you can buy food. You will have to carry food for maximum 1½ day (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch). The shops typically have various canned foods, powdered soups, pasta, rice, mashed potato powder, crisp bread, oatmeal, milk, coffee, tea and so on. When booking please we will send more detailed information and suggestions for easily prepared dishes (in Swedish).

Trip grading

The walks as described in the itinerary are graded as a Level 3. Most places the hiking trails are in good condition and well signposted and there are bridges over most watercourses. There are a few steep climbs and shorter distances where there it is a little more technical. Since you are on your own, you decide yourselves, how fast you will go every day, and you can take breaks when it suits you. You will have to carry your own luggage and be in good shape.

Read more about our grading system here.

Ascent of Kebnekaise

You can add an extra day to the itinerary and participate on a guided ascent of Kebnekaise. See the tour description. Booking required.

The price is € 295  per person.
The price includes: extra night at Kebnekaise Mountain Station with breakfast, information meeting, local guide, climbing harness and carabiners, daypack, walking stick, packed lunch.

There is no guarantee to an successful ascent. The guide may decide to turn around. In case of bad weather the trip is canceled.

The evening before the ascent you have to participate in a mandatory information meeting.

Minimum age is 16 years old (accompanied by adult).

Requires no prior knowledge of climbing and mountaineering, but the walk is not for people with vertigo problems. Ascent of Kebnekaise is graded as Level 4. It is a long walking day (10 hours), large altitude differences and a little technical hiking with equipment.

For insurance reasons, the ascent requires membership of the Swedish Tourist Organization. Membership costs 295 Sek (approx. € 35 ) and should be purchased in Abisko.

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation Insurance is the customer's own responsibility. When you book a trip with us, you should consider whether you want to take out cancellation insurance against sudden illness, or whether you are already covered. You have to arrange the cancellation insurance in you home country.

Travel insurance

We highly recommend that you are covered by a good travel insurance covering at least Medical Expenses, Illness, Personal Accident, Baggage and Repatriation. The customer is responsible to take the necessary travel insurance that covers these costs. Mountain Adventures, or our local partners, do not have any responsibility for our customers not being covered by a necessary travel insurance. You have to arrange your insurance in your home country.


It is hard to plan a trip after the weather, but here is a little info regarding the seasons.
In June there is a healthy birdlife, and plenty of space in the huts. There can still be quite a bit of winter snow in some places, and the water level will be high from melting water.
In July the views are amazing and the sun gains strength wich can give nice temperatures. There will be a lot of people in the huts, people allways get shelter for the night, so the chances of getting a mattress on the floor instead of a bed is increased.
In August the darknes returns in the evenings and the waterlevel of the rivers are low. The level of people will also fall the closer to september you get.
In September there will only be little people in and around the huts, and the fall colors will start to change the landscape and forrests. It is also this time a year that there are the greatest chances of encountering wildlife.

From the 15. May to the 31. July there is daylight 24 hours a day. In August and September you should bring a small torch for night time.

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