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A holiday is simply more fun when it is full of adventure and nice people. At Bering Travel, we believe that holidays are about having fun and unwinding – not relaxing. Our active holidays take you to the best destinations for your chosen activity and if you ever have any questions about your active holiday, you simply have to get in touch. Our experts will guide you to the exact spot you should visit given your particular requirements. We love active holidays in general, but we have decided to focus on our favorites:

You really need to experience it to truly know the feeling of reaching the summit and viewing the world from a new angle. As great as that is, we understand that mountaineering is also about the journey. You need to have fun getting to the summit. Otherwise, what is the point?

It is always fun to dive beneath the surface and seeing the diverse marine life which surrounds us. It is fantastic diving at a coral reef, seeing sharks, dolphins, or a sunken ship. These are the experiences we want to give you on our diving tours.

Exactly as fun as it looks and extremely addictive. Our surf holidays take you to the best spots in the world. We have scoured the world in search of the best surf camps in the world. We have by no means finished our search, but at any of ours surf camps you will find that “good times are plenty”.

As the name suggests wind is a strong factor in this sport. Even though wind can never be fully guaranteed, we have made sure to choose great spots with a high likelihood of wind. In all our windsurf holidays you can choose either get courses, equipment rental, or both.

One of the fastest growing sports on the planet and great fun. Learning to kitesurf can be fairly challenging so choosing a good spot is important. You want to make sure that all the practical elements are as good as they can be. That way you only have to focus on the fun part. Kitesurfing! Our tours have taken these things into account and you can trust our expertise when you decide where to go and when to do it.

Rock Climbing
Great fun and a great community. Rock climbing is a lifestyle and on any of our tours, you will meet passionate rock climbers who are dedicated to showing you their favorite crags suitable to your climbing level.

Trekking and hiking
The best way to get in touch with nature – and yourself. Trekking and hiking is many things. You can find hard treks which challenge you and you can find gentle hikes which relaxes you. What both versions have in common is that you experience the world at a slower pace than usual and that opens you up to actually seeing and hearing nature.

The perfect way to unwind. You can choose a yoga holiday where one of our instructors teach you or you can go on a tour where you are taught by a local instructor. Regardless of the tour, you choose you will return refreshed and filled with energy. 

Other types of active holidays
If you prefer cycling or hiking then we recommend that you visit Mountain Adventures. There you will find a wide variety of cycling and hiking tours. All the tours are of the highest standard and can be booked online. You can book an active holiday with Mountain Adventures here.

The experts at Bering Travel are always available if you have questions about the perfect active holiday.


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