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Diving holiday in Hurghada, 1 week
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Diving holiday in Hurghada, 1 week

Fantastic dives

A diving holiday in Egypt is always a fantastic experience. Few places can compare to the visibility of The Red Sea and no place offers more colors and diverse marine life. These are a few of the many reasons why Egypt is a world-renowned diving destination.

We will handle everything for you from you touch down in Hurghada until we drive you back to the airport. All you need to focus on is having an amazing time and enjoying the fantastic diving in the Red Sea. All dives are done from boats and you will be guided by experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge about each dive-spot.

On this tour, we have included an “unspecified hotel”. However, we do guarantee that the hotel will be a five-star hotel and will have All-Inclusive. Since the tour is with All-Inclusive, we also serve lunch on the dive-trips.

Diving in Egypt

Unspecified 5-star hotel by the beach

On this diving holiday you will stay at a 5-star hotel/resort by the beach with all inclusive. The exact hotel/resort will be decided a few days before arrival. The hotels in Hurghada are generally of a high standard.

Day 1 Arrival to Hurghada
Diving holiday in Egypt

You arrive at the airport in Hurghada where you are met and driven to your hotel. You will have the rest of the day to explore the hotel. One of our people in Hurghada will show up at the hotel to brief you about the coming week.

Day 2-6 Diving and good times
Diving in Egypt

Your days are spent diving. You are picked up at your hotel every morning around 8:30 am and are driven to the boat which departs from the marina. You spend most of your day on the boat and arrive back to your hotel around 5 pm.

Lunch and soft-drinks are served on the boat.

Should you desire any other day-trips during your stay our local team will arrange everything for you.  

Day 7 Relaxation
Diving tour in Egypt

It is important that you do not fly within 24 hours after diving, so this day is a rest day without any diving. If you want to go on other daytrips our team can set handle that for you.   

Day 8 Return
Diving in Egypt

Your diving holiday in Egypt is now over. After checking out from your hotel, you are driven to the airport in time to catch your flight.    

Price Includes
  • 7 nights at a 5-star hotel by the beach
  • All inclusive at the hotel
  • 10 guided boat-dives in 5 days (2 dives pr. day)
  • All diving equipment (excl. computer and torch)
  • Lunch on dive-tours
  • Guided tour around Hurghada (only if booked 2 weeks before arrival)
  • Transfers to/from diving
  • Transfers from/to the airport
  • 24-hour local and international hotline
Not included
  • Transportation to/from Hurghada (we can help you find the right flight)
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa to Egypt
  • Handling fee (20 euro)



  • Option exclude diving (in case someone in your group does not want to dive)
  • PADI Open Water Course
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Course
General information

It is possible to go on this tour without diving. If someone in your party does not want to dive you can deselect diving on page two on the booking form.

Children are welcome on this tour, but keep in mind that children need to be at least 10 years old to try diving.     

Transport / flights

International flights are not included in the price. If you want flights included in the price, you can book a quote on this page. Remember to include information about where you are flying from and how many people you are. We will then return with a quote sent directly to your email.

Important: We recommend that you book our tour and await the confirmation before you book any transportation.

Airport transfers
Upon arriving to Hurghada our team will pick you up at the airport and drive you directly to your hotel. It doesn’t matter when you arrive to Hurghada – our team will pick you up at the airport at all hours of the day.

Arriving to Cairo?
If you want a transfer from the airport in Cairo, that is also possible, but it will cost extra. Please contact us for more information about this.      

Food & Drink

You have All Inclusive at your hotel and on dive-days lunch is served on the boat. It varies how many of the hotel restaurants are included in the All Inclusive. In some hotels it includes all restaurants but on others it may be 1-2 restaurants that are included and there might be other restaurants where you have to pay for your meals.

Important: We think it is important to note that All Inclusive buffets offer decent food – but usually it is not amazing food. It is like that in Egypt (as well as everywhere else).       


On this diving holiday you will stay at a 5-star resort by the beach in a double room (or single room if you prefer that). You will have All Inclusive at the hotel. The exact hotel you will stay at is decided a few days before you arrive to Egypt.

Hotels and resorts we have used in the past:

Notice: It is not certain that you will stay at one of the hotels/resorts described below. This is just to give you an example of places that we have used in the past. If you prefer a specific hotel then that is also an option, but it might cost extra.

  • Desert Rose Hurghada
  • Jasmin Palace Resort and Spa Hurghada

In the booking form you can also upgrade to a luxury hotel.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can see some answers to some of the most common questions:

Can I dive at wrecks on this tour?
Yes, you can. It will cost 20 euro pr. wreck-dive. If you want wreck-dives, you can either inform us before your trip or let our crew in Egypt know upon arrival.

Can I dive with nitrox?
Yes, you can. It costs 12 euro pr. dive. If you want to dive with nitrox, you can either inform us before your trip or let our crew in Egypt know upon arrival.

Can I bring children on this holiday?
Yes, you can. Children get a discount if they share a room with two fully paying adults. Our system will automatically subtract the relevant discount (it depends on the age of the child)

Notice: Children need to be at least 10 years old to dive.

Where do the diving tours start?
They all start at one of the marinas in Hurghada.

How long are the dive-tours?
You are picked up at your hotel between 8 and 9 am (you will be told the exact time at your welcome briefing). You will be back at the hotel between 4 and 5 am.

Can I get three dives in one day?
Yes, you can. Extra dives cost 15 euro pr. dive. You pay directly on the boat. If you want three dives in one day it is best to let our crew know about it upon arrival.

Which dive-spots can I expect to dive at on this diving holiday?
The exact spots may vary depending on the conditions, but here is a list of places we often visit.

  • Small Giftun
  • Big Giftun
  • Abu Ramada
  • Shoo An Era
  • Abu Monar

Can I do a PADI Open Water Course or a PADI Advanced Open Water Course on this tour?
Yes, you can. Regardless of which PADI course you want, the price will be 260 euro. Notice that if you go for a course then the 10 dives that are included as standard in this package are replaced by the course.

How does it work with refresher dives?
If it has been more than six months since your last dive, then your first dive on this holiday will be a refresher dive at a safe spot.

Can I go on this holiday if I do not have a PADI-licence and do not want to take a course?
Yes, you can. In this case all your dives on this diving holiday will be try-dives with a max depth of 12 meters. It is important to notice that not all dive sites are super interesting if you can only dive to 12 meters – but you will certainly get some great diving experiences.

Diving licence

It is possible to get your diving license on this holiday. If you opt for that, then please be aware that the standard 10 dives that we usually include are substituted by the diving course. You can select the PADI Open Water Course on the booking form.

The course usually takes 3-5 days and is divided into three sections:

  • Theory: You learn the basic principles about diving
  • Confined water dives: You will have your first dives in a safe environment.
  • Open water dives: You get your first four dives in the ocean. Here you will use the techniques you have learned during your confined water dives.

Upon completion of the course you will receive an official PADI Open Water license which you can use for the rest of your live to get amazing diving experiences all over the world.


We advise you to contact a medical specialist or your personal doctor or a licensed vaccination clinic. In case vaccination is recommended it is advised to bring your vaccination certificate when traveling.

Passports and Visa

It is the customer’s responsibility to have a valid passport. It is also the customer’s responsibility to seek and obtain any necessary visa for travelling to the booked destination. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the expected return. Note that there may be special visa requirements for different foreign nationalities. Please note that processing time for visas to some countries may be several weeks. Mountain Adventures have no responsibility for any lack of travel documents. Be aware of any transit visa requirements.

Travel insurance

In general we recommend that you are covered by a good travel insurance covering at least Medical Expenses, Illness, Personal Accident, Baggage and Repatriation. The customer is responsible to take the necessary travel insurance that covers these costs. Bering Travel, or our local partners, do not have any responsibility for our customers not being covered by a necessary travel insurance. You have to arrange your insurance in your home country.

Cancellation Insurance
Cancellation Insurance is the customer's own responsibility. When you book a trip with us, you should consider whether you want to take out cancellation insurance against sudden illness, or whether you are already covered. You have to arrange the cancellation insurance in your home country.


It can be hard to plan your trip according to the weather, but to give an idea of the local climate, you can see the data below:
The statistics are from

Klima i Hurghada


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